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Strike Team



In our experience, larger project teams become less agile.  It can also represent higher overhead, complex and potentially ineffective communication and longer time to completion.
ADC has worked with an exceptionally efficient model for a number of years.  We call this the strike team methodology.  By taking small teams of highly skilled individuals that represent the range of skill sets needed for a project, we’re able to spec, design, develop and implement projects with remarkable speed and quality.  Projects that typically extend over months or years can be compressed such that organizations can bring products and customer service advantages to market ahead of their competition.
This methodology utilizes four to six individuals, each with cross-discipline experience, but with a key project focus.  For instance, a team may consist of a project manager, architect/DB specialist, two developers and a doc/QA/training specialist.  Each member of the team may be able to fill two or more roles required for the project.  Therefore, in the early stages of the project where multiple architects or designers may be required, both developers may be able to take portions of those tasks.  In later stages of the project where heavy focus may be on QA, doc & BI, much of the team can focus on these roles.  Multiple strike teams may be utilized on specific projects depending on size, requirements & timeline.