Core Competencies

Our core competencies have evolved from real-world experience, applying technology solutions to support our customer’s growth.  Over time, we’ve developed strong, pragmatic, attributes including the ability to break problems down into solvable components and apply the leadership and technical skills necessary to execute a solution.   We bring strong technical as well as business communications skills to our client’s projects, enabling us to bridge the critical gap between requirements and results. 


Our Core Team has more than 100 years of collective experience analyzing and designing solutions using information technologies.  With heavy focus on DM, we bring that breath of experience and knowledge to your organization so that we may help you more effectively manage your organization.   Our consulting expertise includes needs assessment, request-for-proposal creation and best-of-breed product selection designed to fit your specific requirements. 

Project Execution

Once you have selected a solution, our ADC team can offer a full suite of services to assist in project implementation.  This includes technical project management, development, integrations, ERP data conversion (ETL) and strategies for merging multi-channel data.

Critical to the successful implementation of any project is the fundamental relationship between the business and the solution provider:  the ability to ensure accurate translation between the business requirements and the solution provider’s product implementation.   ADC will handle the complete project implementation cycle or augment your internal implementation staff to better ensure overall project success.  Through years of experience, we can assist in identifying key missteps some organizations may take and help ensure the overall success of the project.


ADC is a leading DM software development provider.   Our development experience includes diverse projects such as:  global enterprise-wide real-time inventory synchronization; creation of multiple WMS high-velocity fulfillment systems (B2B and B2C) and a multi-channel loyalty system covering eComm, retail and call-center. 

ADC utilizes a very intense “strike-team” development model enabling us to scope, create, QA and deploy projects in an extremely aggressive manner.  This creates a great deal of competitive advantage for our customers as they are able to deliver new, competitive functionality more quickly than their competition.

We have a multi-disciplinary development team covering a number of environments.  Please reference our “About ADC” page for project references and a complete list of development competencies.

Multi-channel Customer Data Integration (CDI)

Customer data integration (CDI) combines the technology, processes and services needed to set up and maintain an accurate and comprehensive representation of a customer across all channels. 

As the MCR industry has matured, it has brought together disparate channels, many of which have grown independent customer (housefile) databases.  ADC has considerable experience in integrating these customer master files across channels into a single, cohesive data structure.  The integration often involves cleaning, resolving redundancy and checking against business rules for integrity.

This process begins with mapping a strategy for maintaining the customer’s information across channels after it has been integrated.  Often this is accomplished with a single, common database central to all channels which can be used real-time to represent an authoritative view of the customer.  This is done with an Operational Data Store, or ODS. 

ADC can assist your organization in the process design, migration plan and long-term data hygiene and maintenance strategy necessary to successfully execute this process.  Additionally, our experience includes integrating B2B, B2C and B2I customer masters / housefiles.