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Applications Development Corporation is proud to be a Premier Business Partner with Junction Solutions.  Using JunctionMCR, Applications Development Corporation and Junction Solutions will partner to provide the best blended solution for your organization ranging from up-front needs assessment through conversion, implementation and post implementation support. 

About JunctionMCR
JunctionMCR™ is a fully integrated, open-architecture product-suite that enables total control over the entire Retail Value Chain. Designed specifically for high-volume, multi-channel retailers, JunctionMCR provides users with 360-degrees of visibility and management over complex B2B and B2C operations across four channels:  eCommerce, Catalog, Mail Order Direct and Brick & Mortar stores. A single master control data structure ensures an automated, stable yet flexible technology environment, from Merchandising and Sales through the Call Center and the Web, and out to the Warehouse. The seamless integration between front- and back-of-house systems provides our clients  with a precise sales, operational and financial picture by which to make critical decisions regarding their most profitable customers.

JunctionMCR streamlines order entry by providing a single, user-friendly workbench for customer, inventory and fulfillment information. This enhances processing speed and transaction amounts, while providing a consistent, enriched customer experience. JunctionMCR enables easy access to scripting/hot messages and product reference images, embedded email and fax notification, advanced customer/item keyword searching, dynamic up-sell and cross-sell promotions,  user-controlled customer duplicate data merging, fraud verification, multiple payment-type and delivery options, customer incident/issue tracking, and postage/handling calculations. JunctionMCR optimizes the warehouse by providing cart and wave picking, packing quality workbench operations, and drop ship, backorder and return processing all via a wireless device environment. JunctionMCR  also optimizes marketing and sales operations by providing real-time visibility into catalog requests, source code and offer/promotion efficiency, targeted campaign lists, budget and performance analysis, page and square inch layout criteria, RFM analysis and product life-cycle development/delivery status. In addition,  JunctionMCR provides out-of-the-box integration with leading third-party suppliers for credit card processing, address verification, tax verification, and shipping support.
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