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About ADC

Applications Development Corporation is a software development and consulting firm established in 1995.  We specialize in the multi-channel direct marketing (DM) industry, also known as multi-channel retail (MCR). 

While two decades ago, direct sales were heavily centered around catalogs as their primary channel, today’s models typically cross multiple sales channels which can include catalog, eCommerce, and in many cases, retail stores.  Expansion by traditional retailers to include web and catalog channels have blended the faces of retail such that consumers now have many more options open to buying products and services.  Expansion into mobile commerce and market presence through social networking add further dimensions.

The many creative and flexible sales channels now available require greater depth and experience in successfully merging and then managing the data and fulfillment requirements across channels.

Over the many years we have been working with direct marketers, we have developed significant depth in many areas.  This include a strong emphasis on traditional brick & mortar organizations that have extended their offerings to other channels including eComm and retail.  We have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects spanning customers with considerably different product offerings and very different business models.  This has enabled our team to grow our depth of hands-on, real-world experience while helping our customers grow and improve their IT and business infrastructure. 

 We apply this ever increasing body of experience to better assist our customers in their overall efficiency and success.

ADC is honored to be a Microsoft ISV and we have several new products under development which target the specialized needs of the direct marketer for housefile management, marketing & segmentation, and enhancements to our proprietary tools used for combining customer data from disparate-channels into a single operational customer database.