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Project Credits

This list is intended to illustrate our direct, hands-on project experience.  Our team’s involvement in these projects varies, and most represent collaborative efforts between our team, the client and potentially other business partners.  Some projects were implemented by our team members prior to joining ADC.

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Fulfillment and Inventory Management

Projects include:

  • WORLD-WIDE INVENTORY SYNC: Creation of a single system for real-time management of on-hand/available-to-sell quantities across multiple company divisions, multiple countries and despirate ERP systems.
  • CROSS PLATFORM INVENTORY SYNC: Cloud-based inventory synchronization across multiple channels, divisions, portals and eComm systems.
  • B2C WMS CREATION: Design, develop and implement a fully-featured, rules-engine based WMS system supporting 30,000+ orders per day. Includes distribution resource planning (DRP) across multiple fulfillment locations, wireless directive-driven operations, paperless picking, conveyance control systems, static and dynamic putaway locations, cross doc & immediate needs management, completely programmable wave management.
  • B2B WMS CREATION: End-to-end B2B large-order fulfillment system including consolidation management and light manufacturing/shop-floor control for production of product customizations.
  •  RAPID RESPONSE FULFILLMENT PROGRAM: Collaborated in the design and implementation of a "just in time" B2B product fulfillment system including a high degree of integration with existing ERP, EDW, CDI & PIM systems.
  • WMS-ERP INTEGRATIONS: Multiple integrations of existing ERP environments with 3rd-party WMS environments
  • WIRELESS: Creation of multiple wireless systems ranging from receiving, stock putaway, movement, picking, cycle counting, shop floor control product check-in/check-out, station movement activities as well as other various applications
ERP Implementations, Migrations and Upgrades

Whether your requirements  involve a new ERP implementation, migration from an existing ERP environment to a new platform or a major upgrade of your current ERP version, the process requires strong hands-on experience.  It requires a real-world understanding of what strategies have previously succeeded, the pitfalls that can occur and how to overcome the obstacles and keep the project on track.  

Our team members have performed many ERP implementations, migrations and version upgrades, both prior to 1995 when ADC was formed as well as since, collaborating with other teams as well as within the ADC Core Team.   Our experience crosses multiple platforms and ERP systems.  We are experienced in all areas of ERP implementations and migrations including:

  • Up-front analysis
  • Project management
  • Cross-system functional analysis
  • Mapping business and user functions across systems
  • Data mapping
  • Conversion design, refinement and data validation techniques
  • Modification identification and development management
  • Go-live planning and execution
  • Implementation planning
  • Training
  • Post implementation issue remediation
Customer / Housefile Management

At ADC we have considerable experience in customer and housefile management.  We manage 3rd-party relationships, perform in-house integration and CDI functions, provide standardized data exchange formats and work with you to ensure all outside processing complies with your requirements.  We have experience working with 3rd party processors on everything from hygiene, merge/purge & de-dup to 3rd-party housefile synchronization and scoring.   Project credits in this area include:

  • Implementation of ADC proprietary B2B / B2C / B2I mixed housefile de-dup processing
  • Hierarchical B2C / B2B / B2I Segmentation & Analysis tools
  • Development of multi-organizational housefile interchange format with integrated B2C / B2B / B2I support
  • Hierarchical enterprise level housefile management techniques
  • Integrations with 3rd-party providers for synchronized internal/external housefile management
  • Multi-point / multi-channel responsibility for net-to-file and data refresh
  • Demographics management
  • Special offers, coupons, BOG's
  • Loyalty, membership and gift-registry programs 
  • ODS master cross-channel data relationships
  • CRM marketing data integration
  • Multi-channel Customer Data integration (CDI)
  • Development of hygiene functions and integrations - realtime and batch 
ERP Module Development

ADC has developed a number of ERP component modules as well as custom modules intended to attach to existing ERP systems with little or no change to the existing ERP system.  This approach can save significant costs in core ERP enhancements.  Typically these are custom modules designed to the customer's specifications and can be maintained by your IT staff or by our team at ADC.  Examples include systems for:

  • Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory Management
  • WMS Systems
  • Multi-channel customer loyalty management
  • Continuity sales, fulfillment and billing
  • Commission management
  • Marketing & Segmentation
  • Layaway handling
  • Multi-Currency & VAT Processing
Portals and eCommerce

ADC has created eComm and portal sites as well as performed many integrations with existing eCommerce providers and portal sites.  These sites range from traditional eCommerce sites to professional informational sites &  purchasing portals.  We handle projects involving all aspects of eCommerce implementations including back-end order management  and fulfillment systems, middleware, ESB and infrastructure, applications and DB servers, applications suites, content management, site design and customization.  We have development experience in a wide range of environments and languages.  Please refer to our Products and Services page for more details.

We've worked with several 3rd-party organizations directly and also through our customers including VendorNet, JBS,  Berbee and Associates / CDW, Fry, Crowe Chuzek eComm, d2creative and others.  Using standardized ESB services, we are able to match disparate systems with real-time seamless transaction flow allowing front and back- end systems to remain entirely in synchronization with each other.  We partner with several 3rd-party eComm providers including Junction Solutions and JBS. 


ADC has performed many integrations across a diverse set of platforms.  This list represents some of those integrations.

  • BML
  • PayPal
  • Accertify
  • Google Checkout
  • Google
  • Commission Junction
  • IRMS
  • Ecometry
  • Dynamics AX
  • Synaro Advantage
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse environments
  • Operational Datastore environments
  • Multiple 3rd-party list processors
  • Lawson
  • Oracle Financials
  • VendorNet
  • E3
  • Vertex
  • Taxware
  • VAT Processing
  • Paymentech
  • First Data
  • Cardinal Commerce
  • IMS
  • Bill Me Later (BML)
  • eChecks
  • Address Verification Systems (AVS)
  • CASS / Address Standardization, Verification Systems
  • VFM - Verification and Fraud Management Solutions

ADC works with organizations to augment other PCI compliance activities.  With a high degree of specialization on the IBM AIX platform, our projects have included:

  • AIX PCI lockdown (AIXPert)
  • AIX System Audits (ports, routes, services, etc)
  • System access and user security
  • File encryption
  • PCI specific data hygiene
  • Change control systems
  • Sanitized archival methods
  • syslog server implementations
  • SSH secure terminal emulation environments
  • Encryption of real-time API and data feeds 


ADC has accompanied several companies as partners in their PCI compliance process

Database, OS and Hardware

Project credits include the design, development and deployment of the following SQL Server solutions:

  • Geographically distributed resilient databases supporting back office and customer facing applications
  • LOB OLTP commerce systems
  • Web 2.0 intranet applications
  • OLAP reporting and analytic systems
  • Entity modeling
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business continuity solutions


Our experience on the IBM pSeries (RS6000) platform dates back to the late 1980s when the platform was first released.  We have extensive experience working in the AIX environment including OS level admin services, AIX upgrades, hardware configurations, hardware uprades and migrations.  We partner with several companies on both new and aftermarket pSeries hardware. 

Our projects have also included Oracle-based datastore enhancement activities, DBA functions and Oracle version upgrades.