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Applications Development Corporation is a long-time partner with JBS, and we represent JBS as a partner solution for integrated eCommerce applications across multiple ERP platforms.  Their eCcommerce solutions are of the very best in the industry and their work product and service level are top-notch.  We continue to partner with JBS as our primary eCommerce solution provider. 

About JBS
JBS delivers commerce systems based on its proven flagship offering, Site Manager.  JBS has worked with a variety of customers across multiple industries over the last 10 years to evolve the core SiteManager platform to a best-of-breed ecommerce offering.  To date, the platform has been used to generate over a billion dollars in commerce transactions.

SiteManager E-commerce Platform – This is where it all started for JBS.  We developed an e-commerce platform for a startup online retailer back in 1997.  This SiteManager product continues to evolve to this day and contains cutting edge development, network, and security features.
Corporate Portal Platform – This portal is a one-stop platform for users to access a variety of applications devoted to supporting the business activities of the client.  It includes support to give end clients, corporate clients, and internal employees easy access to the information that they require to get the most from the client’s services.
MPI System – A key feature of our Corporate Portal Platform is the Master Person Index (MPI) which provides a common unique identifier for all personal data that can be shared across applications used by a client.

Document Management System – An online platform for centralized storage and versioning of documents.  Also includes an approval workflow process.  Was originally developed as a module in our Corporate Portal Platform.

Franchise Portal Platform – This portal provides both a home site for the headquarters of the franchise as well as providing a web site for each individual franchisee.  Franchisees are given access to customize their own websites through a content management system and then the changes are reviewed and approved by headquarters before appearing on the public site.  The parent portal aids potential and current customers in finding and learning about franchise locations in their area by offering an engine that searches on the individual franchisee sites.  Staff at headquarters are able to create new franchise sites at will with no technical skill required.
Product Catalog System – A system for managing products and inventory with a tie-in to JBS SiteManager E-commerce platform.
Content Management System – A system for managing and displaying content on internal and public web sites.  Several of our SiteManager customers use this system to manage content on their retail websites.  Some also use this system allow their own customers to drive content on their public websites via forums, reviews, etc.

Enterprise Database Implementations – We have worked with large and small companies to deliver targeted database solutions.

Online Music Store – JBS developed a platform for an online music store.  This platform allows the client to gather titles for major music labels, then make those titles available to its user base.  This platform incorporates Digital Rights Management, smart searches, playlists, and downloads on demand.

Purchasing System – Developed as a companion module to our SiteManager e-commerce platform, our Purchasing System allows clients to manage inventory, forecast buying reports, and create and deliver purchase orders electronically.
Systems Integration – JBS has served as a partner in several large enterprise-level integration efforts.  We bring our unique blend of technical expertise, honest communication, and attention to detail to every project we undertake, but that blend has made a major impact on integration efforts.
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