Order Management is an integral component in the Synaro Advantage enterprise system enabling clean, comprehensive management of order entry and customer service matters. Comprised of a wide range of functionality, Order Management enhances CSR productivity by providing seamless interaction with data needed to efficiently process orders and work with customers. Designed for multi-channel expansion, Order Management is ideal for call centers, order-processing divisions, business-to-business and business-to-consumer operations, and can be easily integrated with online stores.
  • Comprehensive order entry features maximize CSR Productivity and customer service satisfaction.
  • Flexible configuration allows tailoring of the system to accommodate unique business models.
  • Complete integration drives order information through all aspects of the Synaro Advantage enterprise system.

Feature Rich Order Processing:

Leveraging time and resources, Synaro Advantage enables CSR's to easily take orders without accessing multiple applications. Advantage is designed with multi-channel diversity to accommodate the unique needs of brick-and-mortar, online, and mail order shoppers. Tightly integrated with all aspects of Advantage, Order Management provides up-to-date information on inventory availability, shipping status, account balance, sales tax calculations, marketing campaigns, etc. with only a few keystrokes.

Locating customer and product information for an order is simple as Order Management contains flexible search methods for fast acquisition. Multi-dimensional matrices increase accuracy when ordering parts with options dependant on prior selections. Should a particular part be out of stock or discontinued, Order Management automatically recommends substitute or up-sell merchandise. Ensuring that merchandise ordered is available at the time of shipment, Advantage provides the option to commit inventory line-by-line as the order is processed. Enabling feature flexibility in the order entry cycle, Synaro Advantage enhances the order process by allowing a variety of power functions.

  • Pricing information is displayed for each item in an order.
  • Optional group price breaks and line item discounts can be issued.
  • Returns and credits are easily completed allotting a variety of reason codes for reporting and analysis.
  • Saved quotes to be converted into actual orders before their expiration dates.
  • Specify personalized touches to merchandise with custom embroidery, monogramming, and engraving.
  • Tie custom messages or shipping instructions to a single line within an order.
  • Designate before/after ship dates to accommodate special merchandise or customer needs.
  • Drop shipments from vendor or warehouse sites can be used to expedite the shipping process and save shipping costs.

Extensive Customer Service:

Order Management is designed to help CSR's increase sales and handle customer service issues efficiently. Whether communicating via phone, email, online, fax, or in person, Synaro Advantage manages all aspects of the customer relationship. Basic customer inquiries, catalog requests, order status checks, product questions, etc. are easily answered using this comprehensive program.

Extending agent productivity, CSR's can accommodate multiple requests from a customer while simultaneously taking an order. Convenient flip screens allow CSR's to jump from an open screen into a new window to perform various queries including customer order history, shipping information, customer service incidents, catalogs received, and invoices. Adding flexibility to the system, Order Management allows agents to clone orders, enable item substitutions, override system calculated freight charges, change shipping sources, list purchase order numbers, and cancel line items.

Managing a diverse spectrum of organizational formations, Advantage supports divisions, enterprise structures, multiple contacts and shipping addresses.

Payment Flexibility

Order Management supports several payment methods and programs, allowing you to offer special payment plans and discounts. Real-time credit card processing, checks, installment plans, split payments, and continuity programs are all supported and provide your customers flexible options in obtaining merchandise.

Advantage is designed with the ability to process credit cards in both batch increments and real-time, automatically placing orders on credit hold when necessary. Credit cards may also be checked against fraud lists.

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