Advantage E-Commerce is fully integrated in two ways: Through the Synaro WebStore and the Real-Time Web Connector.

The Synaro Webstore is a robust application designed specifically to integrate with Advantage. It enables scalable, real-time e-commerce transactions providing a fast and efficient means of expanding your enterprise to embrace a global reach.

With the Real-Time Web Connector you get access to all of the APIs you need to have your site connected. Add orders, look up order history, and update customer information. Simple to use, APIs allow you to do all of the functions you need to run your website. And the best part? It’s easy! Just hook up to the web connector and start submitting transactions and getting real-time results.


  • Real-time integration into virtually any enterprise suite, including legacy systems, enables multi-channel market reach./li>
  • Superior processing speed optimizes site performance when managing heavy traffic.
  • Intelligent up- and cross-sell functionality maximizes sale opportunities.

Platform Independent - Easily Integrates with Enterprise Suites:

Written in an open architecture environment, both Synaro WebStore and the Real-Time Web Connector are flexible applications designed to run on any Java platform using virtually any SQL database and web server. Through use of the Synaro Integrator, both methods expand on existing technology investments, including legacy systems, by web-enabling back-office data.

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