Control every aspect of the shipping process within the feature rich Manifest Module of Synaro Advantage. Shipping methods, rates, zone tables, ZIP Code tables, county/state/country information, shipping hubs, manifest reports, best practice recommendations, and more are all supported by this in-depth program, allowing differentiation based on your unique needs and each carrier's specific requirements. Adherence to strict format requirements and the numerous zone differentiations is simple as Advantage has been certified with carriers including UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL and more!
  • Adhere to Carrier Specifications when determining shipping zones, manifest reports, labels and more.
  • Flexible Rate Tables allow you to establish various calculation methods for shipping costs./li>
  • Achieve Best Shipping Practices with automatic adjustments of shipping methods.
  • Calculate International Exchange Rates quickly and easily with a built-in exchange calculator.

Ship Via:

Flexibility in shipping selections is maintained in one inclusive menu, whether it be carrier selection, rate choice, or handling options. The Ship Via Maintenance program defines and controls zone and rate tables, special shipping charges, and special delivery options for each carrier set up in the system. Define carrier or customer specific charges to apply on orders when applicable. Set maximum shipping weights per carrier limitations and appropriate manifesting reports to run per each carrier's requirements. Since this information will continually change from carrier to carrier, this module makes editing and reporting simplistic.

Best Way Shipping:

Cut down on time and shipping costs with the flexibility to select alternate shipping methods when certain conditions arise. Achieving the best shipping method is easy as Advantage allows user-defined parameters to override default settings indicating when it would be preferable to ship items another method, or by another carrier.

Shipping Rates

Establish rate information unique to each carrier based on shipping zones and methods.

Standard carrier rate information can be imported directly from carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. Additional rate tables can be established for order calculations based on customer or order types and linked to the appropriate carrier methods.

Set rate tables by:

  • Actual Freight
  • Variable Weight
  • Hundred Weight
  • Based on Order Value
  • Pound Flat Rate - Set per pound
Additional charges can be attached to rate tables including optional insurance, residential service fees, special handling, Saturday delivery, COD, etc. Advantage will use the default shipping method and rate table assigned to the customer or order type when configuring shipping charges on orders. With a manual over-ride, you can select alternate shipping carriers and rate tables when necessary.

Call Tags:

Save customers time and hassle by using call tags for the free return of merchandise. UPS call tags can be used to avoid having the customer incur shipping charges in various cases where a company would like to assume the bill.

Hazardous Materials:

Flag hazardous items requiring special shipping modifications to notify customer service representatives during the order entry cycle. The Hazardous Materials Maintenance file maintains a listing of items that can not be shipped at all and require a customer's manual retrieval, those incurring extensive handling charges, or those in which only specific carriers will transport.

Box File Maintenance

Certain freight carriers sometimes use dimensional weights to determine shipping charges. Advantage allows a dimensional factor to be set up in the rate tables used to calculate shipping values. Listed under Other Charges, the dimensional weight is calculated by dividing the freight volume into cubic inches using a dimensional factor provided by the specific carrier.

ZIP Code Maintenance:

Update ZIP Codes and related address specifications for the entire system in one spot. The ZIP Code Maintenance menu plays an integral role, affecting the Order Entry, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Purchasing and Manifest modules by determining shipping zones and appropriate sales tax calculations on orders based on the buying-from or ship-to ZIP Codes. In any module within Advantage, once a ZIP Code is entered into a record, the system automatically consults this file to fill in city, state, and telephone area code information. County, State, & Country Maintenance

County, State, & Country Maintenance:

Advantage supports the accurate address formats and separations derived from county, state, and country variances. All information unique to each of these area separations is contained within its own maintenance menu, and used to carefully define and calculate shipping costs, transportation methods, and postal code formats. In addition this program calculates exchange rates between countries, thus simplifying the order entry and purchasing processes if you conduct international business.

Shipping Zones:

Ship-to zones play a lead role in determining shipping costs. As each carrier has uniquely defined shipping zones, ZIP Codes in the receiving address are used to determine what zone to reference based on the carrier parameters. Established in the Shipping Zone Maintenance file, shipping zones are used to point to the appropriate rate table for use when calculating final shipping charges. State, country, or ZIP Code can be used to define zones, however each carrier will have their own method.

Manifest Maintenance:

Complete all manifesting functions from start to end from one logical program.

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