• Seamlessly Connects Disparate Systems:
    Applications communicate in real-time enabling comprehensive processing and centric views of important data. Enables multi-channel commerce with a worldwide reach.
  • Communicates via XML:
    Allows easy transfer and interpretation of complex data.
  • Integrates Legacy Systems:
    Empowers users to enhance and expand on unique system structures for feature-rich optimization.
The Synaro Integrator is an extensible middleware product designed to seamlessly connect disparate applications together in real-time. Synaro Integrator allows various systems to communicate regardless of their individual location, platform, language, or database, enabling worldwide technology reach.

Leverage Technology Investments:

Whether trying to link a best-of-breed composition together or simply web-enable a legacy enterprise system, Synaro Integrator pieces the puzzle together allowing expansion on current technology investments. Developed in Java using Extensible Markup Language (XML) the Integrator facilitates communication between normally non-compatible systems to enable a cohesive technological architecture regardless of the originating/destination application language and platform. The Integrator translates information from one system to another without interfering with day-to-day activity. Users will never be aware of the background interchange.

The Right Connection - Every Time:

Accurately communicating the data you need between one or more systems is effortless as Synaro Integrator intelligently processes, routes, and translates data in the format required for optimal usage. Through connectors developed specifically for each unique application/system, Synaro Integrator encompasses the "business logic" within each application, ensuring your data is processed in the right place without jeopardizing important business rules.


The scalability of the Synaro Integrator is limitless. Users can connect multiple back-office suites simultaneously while specifying the appropriate system to process each piece of information. Synaro Integrator empowers users to select infrastructure components that work best for their unique needs. Businesses are no longer tied to single-vendor offerings simply based on compatibility reasons. Synaro also works with legacy and homegrown systems, thus bridging an expansion gap into multi-channel commerce.

Fast & Efficient Set-up:

Preparing to link one or more systems together is as simple as dragging and dropping data fields from one application into the matching fields of another. Synaro Integrator configures the data and automatically translates the information into XML files to communicate to the other system.