Advantage's unique Workflow module is a Customer Relations Manager and so much more!

Workflow is a productivity enhancement tool enabling efficient automation and routing of customer and vendor related information. Workflow reduces the need to allocate valuable employee resources when responding to incoming inquiries and potential business related problems, while simultaneously improving response time and accuracy rates.

Productivity increases with Workflow as integrated functionality efficiently routes, tracks, and prioritizes information in the system in an overall effort to achieve customer satisfaction and corporate clarity. Workflow eliminates potential problem scenarios brought on by miscommunication through a comprehensive approach utilizing a completely paperless system.

Communication Automation

Ensure a faster, more precise response to issues as Workflow's unique automated Queue Management System categorizes and escalates information to the most applicable person or groups per topic. Convenient messages and issue-based alarms sent by the Queue Management System keep action holders aware of open issue priority levels to help expedite the resolution process.

Workflow reduces valuable resolution time by automating the flow and follow-up of communication throughout its lifecycle. Whether simple product questions, complex order problems, or difficult vendor issues, Workflow records the transmission of data between users and departments, logging details in customer history files for further reference.

Workflow addresses the information required to properly understand customer service or vendor related issues to achieve desired organizational results. What is the problem/issue at hand and what priority does it hold? What needs to be completed to resolve the issue and what is the deadline? What resources need to be involved, such as single individuals, groups, departments, management escalation, etc?

Global Reach

Expand your reach through global boundaries. Whether down the hall, on the coast, or overseas, watch employee interaction take on new meaning when increasing customer satisfaction. Workflow enables a seamless communication link between employees and departments through trackable email and system messages, regardless of individual locations. The Queue Management System ensures prompt delivery and receipt of newly transferred activities to individuals and groups for faster resolution times. Workflow tracks and records issue actions with status notes detailing each phase and the need for further action.

Maintaining valued customer/vendor relationships is critical in determining corporate success. Workflow increases business productivity and enhances your ability to respond and resolve incoming issues with effective utilization of time and resources.

Workflow - a Better Way to Work.

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