Synaro, formerly Page Digital, Inc., was founded in 1980, and acquired by Retail Pro, Inc. in 2004.

The Synaro suite of products are comprehensive software components engineered to integrate information, business processes and disparate applications.

Synaro software enables companies to effectively manage direct commerce across multiple sales channels, including the internet, call centers and point of sale and assists businesses to grow and prosper across all markets, including B2B, B2C, and B2I.

The Synaro product suite may be implemented as a multi-touch enterprise solution, or conected via the Synaro Integrator module to other eBusiness applications. Our software combined with our business experience, our people, and technology assists our customers in building lasting, profitable relationships with their customers, suppliers, and business partners.

About Retail Pro

Retail Pro is one of the world’s most renowned providers of merchandising software for retailers. Retail Pro was originally developed in the mid 1980s, by Retail Technologies International and has emerged as the premier store operations solution around the world. To learn more about Retail Pro click here